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Dog Food

You know for yourself how good you feel when you are eating right. Well, scientists have taken that knowledge and applied it to dog and cat food. You can pick up this specialized Purina brand food right here in our office.

Help your pets be their best

Fight a variety of conditions with pet food

Discover what an adequate diet can do for the overall well-being of your pet with expert advice from the staff at Bethel Animal Hospital & Kennels. You can purchase Purina brand dog and cat food and help fight off disease and illness without expensive medications.


Whatever condition your pet is suffering from, talk to our experts about what the right diet is for your pets.

Call to see what type

of diet your pet may benefit from.


  • Fiber control

  • Dermatologic

  • Gastroenteric

  • Joint mobility

  • Overweight management

  • Allergies

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Skin and coat issues

  • Urinary tract problems

  • Liver disease

Manage your pet's health with a proper diet

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