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Pet Care

As your pet gets older, it can begin to have health issues creep up. Count on Bethel Animal Hospital & Kennels to help your pet age with ease. Your pets are susceptible to the same illnesses and diseases that human beings are. As your dog or cat ages, have them checked regularly in order to get proper treatment before it's too late.

Treating all ailments

Help your animal live longer

By catching these diseases early on, Bethel Animal Hospital and Kennels can get to work on treating them properly. All these age-related problems can be helped giving your pet the opportunity to live more happily.


In case your beloved pet passes away, we also offer cremation services.

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we can help your

aging animals.


Keep your pet living comfortably all through its senior years

  • Cancer and diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Kidney and liver disease

  • Joint/bone problems

  • Weakness

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