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Pet Dentistry

When thinking about your pet's overall health, do you think about their teeth too? An animal's teeth are just as important to them as human's teeth are to humans.


Avoid further complications down the road by making sure your dog or cat has adequate oral care. Be sure your animals are getting a thorough examination by bringing them to Bethel Animal Hospital & Kennels.

Teeth are important too

Oral surgery for your furry friends

If your pet has not been kept up to date on oral health, he or she may need a more extensive procedure than general dentistry cleaning. Trust in the experienced vets here to get the job done right.

Give your animal the best in oral health.

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Achieve overall good health in your pet with proper oral care

  • Gingivitis

  • Plaque

  • Root exposure

  • Loose teeth

  • Gingival plastic surgery

  • Painless/anesthesia for procedures

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